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"There's Something Magical About Handmade Paper". 


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If you are uncomfortable using your credit card over the Internet, you can call PaperArts.Com with your charge information and we'll be glad to and complete your transaction in house with: Visa, Discover, MasterCard or American Express.

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  • There are no order minimums!  
  • We understand you may only need a few things at a time.


The best way to reach us, is our contact form.  To handle that "hard to explain" question, we will be available for your calls at 480.703.7030 from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday thru Friday Mountain Time.  If we miss your call due to being on other line, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as possible.  Arizona does not participate in daylight savings time, so check out the best time to call for your zone.    

East 11:00 noon to 5:00pm - Central 10:00am to 4:00pm - Mountain 9:00am to 3:00pm and Pacific 9:00am to 2:00pm.


  • To insure accuracy we only accept written orders, sorry no phone orders.
  • Please use the shopping cart to process orders.


You can pay directly through PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards.

If you are uncomfortable using your credit card over the Internet to make purchases, you can call us or we will call for your charge information and complete your transaction in house with: Visa, Master Card or American Express. 

This personal contact provides you with peace of mind and gives us a chance to chat about your current art projects.


No sales tax will be charged on orders shipments outside of Arizona.  
If you live in Arizona, we will collect the taxes in effect on the day of your order. 
Feel free to contact us for more 


A brief description of each paper or item including; weight, size, color and content.  
Paper weights are listed in grams per square meter. 
The 300 gsm papers are heavy and the 10 gsm papers are very thin.

  • The word "translucent" shows under thin papers and will help you determine weight.


    We are unable to do back orders.  


    Love what you buy and buy what you love. Due to the delicate nature of our products, all sales are final. No credits, returns or refunds.  If there's a mistake on your order we will make it right.


    Many items that may not be included on this site can be ordered.  Special orders due require payment in advance. Contact us or send a sample of what you are looking for to:  
    PaperArts.Com, LLC  
    3217 E. Shea Boulevard #300 
    Phoenix, AZ 85028


    At this time we do not wholesale our papers!  However if you note the types of paper we stock, compare the sheet sizes and check out the weights, you'll find we offer quality art paper at a great value.  Discounts are given if you order a large quantity of any one type of paper.  information

    U. S. MAIL:

    Print your order and mail to:
    PaperArts.Com, LLC  
    3217 E. Shea Boulevard #300 
    Phoenix, AZ 85028 


    • Our customer information is very confidential; we will not sell, trade, rent or give your name, e-mail address or credit card information to anyone for any reason.   
    • For your protection, we do not store your credit card information.