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How To Make Book Cloth & Line Thin Weight Paper

This Technique has Endless Mixed Media, Collage & Book Arts applications...

Materials List:

  • Household iron
  • Paper or fabric that does not have a metallic finish
  • Wonder Under ® or similar heat activated product
  • Lining paper from Japan 


  1. Pre-heat iron to Wool with the steam setting off. (remove all water)
  2. Place rough side of bonding product against back side of paper or cloth.
  3. Heat for 7-12 seconds, by lifting the iron and replacing with slight overlap each time till surface is fused.
  4. To prevent wrinkles do not rub the iron back and forth.
  5. Let fabric and bonding product cool.
  6. Carefully peel off the bonding products paper backing. (save paper)
  7. Position lining paper smooth side up on new surface, cover with the bonding products paper backing, shinny side down and iron for 6-8 seconds or till the original paper or fabric is fused to lining paper.
  8. This helps prevent glue from penetrating and controls the fabric from stretching.                    

See Mulberry Sheet code #1310 & 1558 also Roll code #1995 & 1996 for lining papers.  

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